Exercises to reduce back pain

Low back pain exercises are very important when suffering from back pain problems. Specific exercises can help relieve sciatic pain and improve posture. They can help minimize future occurrences of low back pain and avoid stiff and weak muscles.

Before starting any exercises you should always begin with a 5-10 minute warm-up. Warming up helps reduce injury, prepares your muscles for stretching and increases blood flow through your tissues. The warm up should consist of a light aerobic exercise which may involve; walking, cycling and swimming activities.

There are specific stretching exercises that will give you relief from back pain. Stretching exercises may be done daily but two times a day is recommended for people suffering sciatica pain and stiffness.

Stretching Exercises

Pelvic Tilt - Lie on your back with your knees bent. Exhale as the small of your back presses flat against the floor and hold for five seconds. Relax and repeat gradually building up to 10.

Knee to Chest - Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Bring one knee up to your chest by grasping behind your knee and hold for five seconds. Relax and repeat five times on each leg.

Back Stretch - While lying on your stomach, push your upper body off the floor using your arms. Relax and repeat 10 times.

Along with the previous exercises the True Back is a great back pain relief device. It is light weight, convenient and easy to use. Treatments take only a few minutes. First, sit on the floor. Place the True Back behind you and pull it toward your buttocks. We suggest that you start treatments with the high end towards your head. The device will create traction to the neck, shoulders and upper back. If you feel discomfort in the neck and shoulder area place a pillow under your head; after a minute or two try removing the pillow. Then, reverse the True Back with the high end towards your buttocks. This will create increased traction to the lower back. Relax, close your eyes and breathe deeply. True Back creates relaxation. Treatments may vary from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in each direction. You decide on the length of time that you need. Many people have benefited from the use of the True Back including a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Joseph T. Ewing.

Dr. Joseph T. Ewing was working out one day and ended up straining an area of his middle back. He said, "I got on the True Back right away and laid on it for 15 minutes. I was able to actually go to work that day, and I was surprised because every other time that has happened, I am out for the day. The True Back stopped the cycle as soon as I got on it!" Experience the drug free, natural pain relief of the True Back today!*
*Individual results may vary.

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