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"I have suffered the tortures of the damned for more than twenty-five years with back pain. I ordered TRUE BACK and now have a new lease on life."

I have suffered the tortures of the damned for more than twenty-five years with back pain. I have seen doctors, chiropractors, popped pills, had massage - you name it. Nothing, and I mean nothing ever helped. The longest period of relief I would experience would be a matter of minutes to hours, then I was right back where I sat in my rocking chair, crying my eyes out for the pain. Then I was surfing the Internet one day and found your web site. I ordered your wonderful device and promptly used it the moment it arrived. I have used it twice a day for more than a week now and have not experienced any back pain whatsoever. NONE! I don't know how to say thank you. I was at my wits end when I ordered TRUE BACK and now have a new lease on life. You see, I'm the caregiver for my 22 month old grandson and I would be so crippled from my painful back by the end of each day of taking care of him I couldn't walk without a cane or holding on to the walls to move. I have had a truly joyous week being pain free and I know that it will continue as long as I have my TRUE BACK. Thank you, thank you!
Susan Vargass, California

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People are amazed at the relief they are experiencing from a revolutionary new pain relief system called the True Back. Not only are they getting rid of nagging pain, they are once again enjoying the activities they love so much. According to a recent survey, a staggering 93 percent of those surveyed said the True Back helped reduce or eliminate pain - often where other pain relief products failed.


I went to every kind of doctor there was from a Chiropractor, to a spine clinic, to a physical therapist on a stretching machine. You name it, I was there and nobody helped me. I just kept getting worse and even progressed to where I was throwing my back out about every couple of weeks. Then it would take a week to get where I could actually walk again. So I was in really bad shape. One day I was sitting on my kitchen barstool and I threw my back out when I got up so I had to cancel work. I thought, "I'll just go out and get the newspaper and read all day." So I hobbled out to the newspaper box and my friend Mel drove by. He said, "Good grief. What's the matter with you?" and I said, "I've thrown my back out." He said, "Stay there. Don't move. I'm gonna go home and get you something." So he returned with his True Back and said, "Here take this, lay on it, then call me tonight and tell me if it works." So I got the newspaper and went inside. I laid on it for about seven minutes each way. When I got up... NO PAIN... I went out and played 18 holes of golf. I felt perfect!
Terry Mattson - Substitute school teacher

One day I was putting a 15-horsepower motor on my boat and during that event I got severe pain that lock-spasmed my thoracic spine. I was mad because I thought I wasn't going to be able to fish. Then I remembered that I had a True Back. I thought, "Man, I'll bet this is gonna be the ticket." So I laid on it for about five minutes and my pain was gone. The spasm was gone! I proceeded to go out fishing for the day and continued to use it over the next several days. It was amazing at relieving the spasms!
Chris McLaughlin - Exercise physiologist

I love the device; I've recommended it to friends, patients. I will never be without mine; it'll always be next to my bed.
Dr. Michael Debord - Doctor of chiropractic

I took the True Back to one of the best-known neuromuscular therapists in the world. As a matter of fact he's the person who developed neuromuscular therapy. I had him lay on the unit and I put a towel around his neck and did some tractioning on him. Probably four or five different vertebras in his back adjusted and popped back into place. We're a not a chiropractor, that's not what we do but bones go back on their own. He was very impressed with it and wanted to see if he could get them in the clinic as well.
Merrill Lund - Neuromuscular therapist

Just recently I had an episode when I was working out. I got a little careless and I strained that same area of my middle back. Right away got the True Back and I laid on it for 15 minutes. It never went into its full-blown exacerbation. I was able to actually go to work that day, and I was surprised because every other time that's happened it usually knocked me out for that day. And this particular time it didn't. The True Back kind of stopped the cycle as soon as I got on it.
Dr. Joseph T. Ewing - Doctor of chiropractic

In my office I had a stand-up desk for seven years. I couldn't tolerate sitting. The worst part of my day was getting out of my car to go into my office. It was agony. But after no more than a month that I got the True Back, I got rid of my stand-up desk and I got an orthopedic chair. I've had it ever since. I'm a baseball fanatic and shortly after that I joined the national adult baseball association in the over-30 league. I was in my early 40s at the time and I played for the next ten years. I even won the 1998 National Adult Baseball Association MVP award in this town!
Gregory Default - Registered investment advisor

I couldn't find a comfortable position to lie in at night. I would be on my side, then on my back and then on my stomach. I couldn't find a spot that didn't hurt my back. After using the True Back on a regular basis I've been able to sleep very comfortably in any position I want. I just get on it when I know I've got lower back strain, lie down and watch TV for 30 minutes. I'm fine the next day. And the difference is you sleep a lot better.
Debbie Booher - Licensed medical massage therapist

The True Back just took the pain and the pressure out of my lower back. It surprised me because it never went away before, it was always there no matter what I did, yoga, or anything else. And I have all the back store chairs, Posturepedic bed, everything.
Dr. Emily Futch - Medical doctor

My back went out to the point where I had to drive to the hospital. I was actually "face to the ground," walking across the street toward the emergency room. I could not straighten up. I was totally bent over at a right angle. When I walked in the front door I tried to look up at the desk saying, "My back is completely out." So they gave me some medication and sent me back to my hotel room. Every other time my back had gone out, it had been "stay in the bed three or four days and then drive home". Just forget the trip. Forget the work. I lay on the true back and then got into bed. When I got up to go to the bathroom that night I said, "Oh my gosh - it's so much better!" The next morning I did it again and went to work with my buddies and wrote songs. This was a totally different experience than any other time with my back. Of course this is because with my weight when the back goes out everything stops. That first time I thought, "This is a miracle." and I've called Rodney a number of times and said, "THIS THING'S AMAZING!" you know. "This is incredible!"
Michael Dan Ehmig - Musician & Songwriter

You get used to being uncomfortable. I don't know how to explain it. You get used to holding your kid a certain way. You kind of do the "hip out" because you're balancing your diaper bag, your purse and the baby. So you're a little disjointed but then you kind of get used to it so you don't even realize how uncomfortable you are. It was the norm for me until I got my back stretched out and realized it's really not the norm. My back literally cracked three times the first time I laid on it and it was instant relief. It thought, "Oh, that's so nice. That's exactly what I need."
Jeni Countryman - Mortgage processor & mother

If I'm not using it, I get that burning sensation again in my neck, shoulders and back. It's a very tense occupation and after using the True Back that just kind of dissipates. It just goes away.
Sydney Keister - Dental hygienist

I played a lot of football and sports over the years. Once my back started to hurt I couldn't even move. I couldn't get out of the car or anything. Come to find out I had sciatica really bad. It was so bad that I would roll out of bed onto the floor and crawl around a while before I could get up. I was going to chiropractors and it would feel okay for a day but then I'd have to go the next day. I talked to a few doctors and they were recommending surgery. I'm an avid golfer plus three days a week I run offshore charters but I had to stop all of that for about six months. I didn't play any golf. I didn't run any charters. I just tried to fight through the pain. A guy at our country club said, "Try one of these True Backs. When you get off of it the feeling is so great." So I tried it the next day. Next thing I knew I was moving more and more. And I felt better and better. Now if I go run through six to eight-foot waves to go out 60 miles to my best fishing spot, I use it religiously. If you come ride with me for five hours up and down the whole time both our backs are gonna hurt! I'll feel the sciatica. But I'll get on to the True Back and I'll be fine. I get on it at night and I'll sleep fine. I've turned so many of my friends on to it. I wouldn't be running charters today without it. There's no doubt in my mind.
Captain Chuck Zodrow - Charter Boat Captain

I had a physician call me up in the early in the morning and said, "Roger you have to help me out today. I was in the shower, bent over to pickup the soap and I couldn't stand up." True story! So I had him come into the office and I did a palpation survey (diagnostic examination by touch) to see what was going on with his lower back. I just evaluated that it was simple strain to the back. When he left after doing some manual therapy techniques he was still sore, spasming, and had limited range of motion. I sent a True Back home with him. He called me later that afternoon saying that he was no longer in fear of bending over and picking up the soap in the shower because he could move again.
Roger Neal - Licensed massage therapist

I have Parkinson's and I'm not real sure-footed sometimes. It makes me walk bent. It also puts a strain on my back. But when I use the True Back I get instant relief. And it wasn't for just five minutes! It was for a period of days. It makes a world of difference. I thank my wife every time I use it because it's made a big difference and given me relief.
Gary Etlinger - Retired

I had a real bad sciatic problem. I've been to the doctors and taken M.R.I.'s and all that. The long and the short is that I've got the typical aging problem in the spine. The narrowing and all that kind of stuff. So in order to keep the sciatic problem away I try to keep my spine as straight as possible. The True Back really does that real well.
Tom Smith - Freight purchasing



The Effect of Hyperextension and the TRUE BACK® on Spine Height Change.

Twelve normal subjects in good health were actually included in the study. One male and one female subject, for each of the six possible ways of ordering the sequence of the three interventions used, (a) the True Back (b) a stiff foam board cut to the same curvature as the True Back, and (c) resting in the supine position.

The bio-mechanical analysis we have done demonstrates that a single 10 minute application of the True Back orthopedic device does have a statistically significant greater lengthening effect on the human spine.

It was also felt that the True Back did have the ability to induce lengthening of the spine, and that this effect should be observable in normal subjects as well as in subjects with acute low back pain.

Malcolm H.Pope,
Dr. Med. Sci., Ph D.
Principal Investigator

TRUE BACK is natural, drug free, convenient and affordable. Treatments take only a few minutes and can be performed in the comfort of one's home, office or workplace, without disrobing. TRUE BACK is officially listed as an orthopedic traction device. TRUE BACK relieves the body of daily stress, tension and discomfort.

TRUE BACK has an enduring effect unlike some other devices such as magnets and hot and cold packs.

The unique patented design of TRUE BACK is quite simple; while laying on the device the spine floats in the center channel. The thirty suspension points molded into the center rails support your body weight and create pressure to the muscles which are located each side of the spine. The pressure enables the muscles to relax. The end result is something you have to experience to believe.

How to Use True Back

• Place True Back on the floor and use as indicated below.
• Treatments take 3-5 minutes in each direction.
That's all, it's that simple!

Beginning position
High end towards the head, this will create traction to the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Advanced position
High end towards the base of the spine creates traction to the middle and lower back.


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