"I was suffering with ever increasing lower back pain. It had degenerated to the point where I had to sometimes crawl from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I decided to systematically try some therapy devices. I first bought an inversion table. It relieved the pain a little. Next, I bought a traction device that looked like a tire inner tube. But still it only seemed to help a little.

Finally, I decided to try the True Back. I lie on the True Back on my carpeted bedroom floor for about ten minutes before bed. It is very relaxing to lie there feeling the pressure gently melting away from my aching discs. True Back gives my back muscles the same mellowing tingle I experience after a very good professional therapeutic massage. The relief and relaxation are a great setup for deliciously restorative sleep. The True Back has helped me remain TOTALLY PAIN FREE for about six months now. I am so glad that True Back has kept me away from the knife."

Greg C.
Charlotte, NC

Low Back Pain

The True Back is a great low back pain cure. It relieves the body of daily stress and discomfort, and has a long-term effect unlike hot and cold packs or magnets. Low back pain is a familiar feeling to most people and may get in the way of accomplishing everyday tasks and work. Lower back pain is so common it is rated as the number one job injury and the number two neurological ailment. For some people back ache pain may last only one or two days, for others the back pain problems lasts for months and may lead to other serious complications.

Lower back pain that lasts for a couple of days is called acute. Acute back pain occurs when there is tension in the lower back due to an injury from sports, car accident, work or other pressure on the spinal bones. The symptoms that might arise are: muscle spasms, shooting pain, stiff muscles and problems standing straight. If acute pain is not taken care it can lead to other conditions.

Lower back pain that lasts for months is called chronic and may occur from a past injury or a constant cause such as arthritis. The symptoms associated with chronic back pain are: deep, aching lower back pain that possibly will travel to the legs; which results in numbness and tingling sensations.

There is also a list of serious conditions that trigger lower back pain which include:

  • Osteoporosis a decrease in the strength and density in bones
  • Spondylitis infection of the spinal joints and increase in spine pains
  • Bulging disc the discs weaken and move into the area of the spinal cord
  • Spinal Stenosis a gradual narrowing of the spinal canal.
  • Fibromyalgia long-term pain throughout the body
  • Sciatica damage to the sciatic nerve causing nerve pain
  • Skeletal Irregularities

There are a few low back pain remedies that can be done at home. Ice and heat compresses may help decrease inflammation. Bed rest is also needed but not longer than 2 or 3 days, to prevent from getting stiff and worsening the pain. The most important low back pain treatment is exercise. Exercise is a great way to increase muscle strength. Some excellent exercise activities include walking, swimming and using the True Back.