"That burning sensation... just kind of goes away"
"He's actually the person that developed neuromuscular therapy... He wanted to see if he could get them in the clinic"
"My pain was gone. The spasm was gone."
"He was no longer in fear... because he could move again"
"I was able to actually go to work that day, and I was surprised"
"Next thing you know I was moving more and more and more"
"No Pain - I went out and played 18 holes of golf"

Chiropractor's Evaluation of The True Back

March 25th, 2011

Dr. Kippenbrock says: "I have evaluated many orthopedic and chiropractic products during my 38 plus years of research. Products have ranged in various sizes, shapes, functions and price categories. I have never until now, found a product like TRUE BACK that costs so little, but does so much for the human body.

My research has been concentrated on the musculoskeletal system and its stabilization in relationship to the human body. The TRUE BACK is an orthopedic device that can realign your body and provide musculoskeletal balance. The TRUE BACK provides rehabilitation for chronic problems. It alleviates back pain, leg cramps, spasms, and sciatica. It also relieves headaches, tension,stress and relief from fatigue and depression.

Although the TRUE BACK appears to provide aid only for the back, it goes far beyond. The TRUE BACK can induce relaxation, aid stomach problems, indigestion, carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. Yes, the TRUE BACK can relieve pain in all extremities and one's internal organs.

This amazing device should be utilized by every athlete. Golfers, tennis players, joggers, etc. should spend two to five minutes prior to and after athletic activity to maintain optimum balance.

To me, the TRUE BACK is the most remarkable orthopedic device I've seen in my entire career. I know I'll never be without my TRUE BACK for the rest of my life.

My recommendation to you is TRY IT, IT WORKS! This product is for everybody."

Dr. Fred J Kippenbrock D.C.
Researcher/ Developer

Disc Decompressions

July 21st, 2010

Disc Decompression Traction is used in therapeutic procedures that facilitate healing of biomechanical abnormalites of the musculoskelatal system of the human body. Intervertebral discs are commonly treated for abnormal function due to displacement of the nucleus pulposus, the gelatinous center that acts as a ball-bearing joint and shock absorber. The surrounding annulus fibrosus, rubberband-like layers of fibro-elastic tissue, maintains a grip of the central nucleus pulposus. Spinal disc herniation is treated in a variety of ways, from exercise therapy or manipulation to surgery.

Decompression Traction Equipment has led to a higher success rate of disc healing than previous treatment options. The decompression traction procedure relieves pressure that builds up on the discs and nerves by drawing areas of herniated disc back into place. This is accomplished by creating negative pressure within the disc, referred to as negative intra-discal pressure, creating a vacuum to draw the bulging and herniated disc material back into the disc space and relieve pressure.

This process allows the stretched or torn annulus fibrosus tissue fibers to heal and tighten due to the slack created by the decompression traction therapy.

Many research article points out the positive effects of spinal disc decompression therapy. This type of therapy is valuable for varying degrees of disc compromise. Discs that have full herniations to those that are small protrusions. Many different devices and brands are available for treatment of decompressing the disc, despite what any one practitioner may say all of them do basically the same thing. The only major difference may be the cost of the treatment and if any warmup exercise is done. The warmup is the most vital part of the therapy as it warms up the muscles to prepare them to stretch.

True Back - Review this Device that Offers True Pain Relief for the Back and Spine. As Seen on TV.

June 29th, 2010

If you have it, you'll agree - there's nothing worse than the needle-like throb of back pain. If you're missing out on a high quality life because of back pain, if it hurts to bend down and pick things up, to sit in a chair or stand, or even to lie down - you need True Back, the only back pain relief device you'll ever need.

True Back, as seen on tv, positions 30 suspension points on center rails engineered to use your natural body weight to massage and stimulate muscles on each side of the spine. TrueBack is easy to use, too - just lie down, place the high end towards your head and lie down on top of it to instantly relieve stress and tension while stretching the muscles that are the source of your pain. After 3 to 5 minutes, turn True Back around to put traction on your middle and lower back to relieve tension at the root of your pain.

True Back gives you instant relief from back pain and stretches you for long-term relief so you feel better at the office, at work, at home, and at play. The more you use TrueBack, the better you feel. In fact, recent reviews found that a whopping 93% of True Back users report that True Back reduced or stopped their back pain completely.

Even better, many reported that they could go back to doing the activities they love - but that back pain stopped them from doing - with TrueBack. "I used to feel this severe pain in my back, which spoiled my entire day," says Debbie Booher, Licensed Massage Therapist. "I saw the True Back infomercial on TV, and I decided to give it a shot. What so many medicines and injections could do for me, True Back did that in just one use! I was back to my normal routine life. I couldn't believe such an effective back therapy was available on the market. I even suggest to my patients now to use True Back and experience the new life!" If you're fed up with back pain and want to experience sweet relief, try True Back and get pain relief now.

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